Tour the Theatre

The Lobby

The Lobby is a generous space for mingling before the show or during intermissions. It may be partitioned from the school entrance way or provide access to a large and newly renovated cafetorium with lounges and food service possibilities. Presenters may arrange for a lobby bar and set up areas for souvenir sales and marketing. Access to the Main Stage Theatre and washrooms is from the lobby. Modern lighting and a television wall create an inviting theatre ambience welcoming audiences to the evening’s presentation or coming events.

Seating Area

The Main Stage Auditorium is newly renovated with 897 seats (plus 10 wheelchair spots) in continental style. The Auditorium is available in two configurations, the main floor of 526 seats and 371 seats in two galleries that can be closed off. The space is comfort controlled by new HVAC systems tuned to modern theatre acoustic standards.

Audio and Acoustics

The main auditorium has been acoustically sculpted to provide a warm natural resonance that welcomes acoustic performance. Sound absorbing banners can be deployed overhead when the main PA system is in use to tighten the sound of the room and allow the powerful JBL Line Array to punch out pop levels that rock the room. The Avid SC48 and Lake Processors used in conjunction with Smaart v8 real time analysis give touring artists complete control of the system to bring their shows to life.

Performer Support

Back stage there are two chorus dressing rooms. Each accommodates 20 people. There are also two principal dressing rooms that each accommodate four people. Dressing room areas include washrooms, showers, and mirrored make-up facilities. A building/assembly area is also located behind the Main Stage, along with a convenient loading dock with storage area. A Yamaha upright grand piano is available at no cost, as well as an electric keyboard. A Yamaha concert grand piano is stored in a climate controlled room, and is available at modest cost. The Trixie Hardy Rehearsal Hall, which is located directly behind the Main Stage, offers the same floor area as the Main Stage.

Studio Theatre

The new Studio Theatre is full accessible by separate entrance. Ideal for intimate performances, film, readings or lectures of all kinds, the Studio Theatre offers raked riser seating for 120 people. It is fully equipped with light, sound and projection equipment. Bar service may also be arranged for Studio Theatre audiences.