Charges At a Glance

A. Main Stage

1. Community Non – Profit

– $3.00 per person (to KCTC) admitted to the auditorium during a performance or presentation (including complimentary, unpaid or by general admission) plus
– $40.00 per performance or presentation (to ADSB) plus
– ADSB caretaking fees (to ADSB) on weekends or after 10:30 pm. on weekdays at rates indicated below plus
– Theatre Centre Technician charges (to KCTC) at rates indicated below with minimum requirement of one technician during use and with 3 hour minimum “call out”
– Concert Grand piano (if required) $100.00 per performance plus cost of tuning by piano technician approved by KCTC.

2. Commercial

– $500 per presentation to (ADSB) plus the rates and charges indicated in 1 above in respect of Community Non-Profit users plus
– $200 for each additional day without performance or presentation (to ADSB)

(a) These rates include (at no extra cost) rehearsal and set- up time based on the number of days of main stage performance presented. Particulars may be found in the Policy Manual (posted on our website) or by enquiry to the ADSB Facilities Use/Office Supervisor or the KCTC Theatre Manager.
(b) Additional days beyond those included in time based on number of performance days will result in additional payment of $37.50 (to ADSB) plus the charges for KCTC Technicians and ADSB care-staff as in 1 above plus $100.00 per day if main stage lighting is required on additional days (plus further $20.00 per hour or each part thereof where use of stage lights exceeds 7 hours in a day).
(c) The Trixie Hardy Rehearsal Room (“Black Box”) is available for small audience performances or functions. Enquiry should be made to the ADSB Facilities Use Supervisor or the KCTC Theatre Manager.
(d) The ADSB Facilities Use/Office Supervis or can assist in estimating the cost of an event.

3. Technician and Caretaking Rates

(a) KCTC Community Non-Profit and Commercial

Trainee Staff – $10.25 per hour
Non-Profit and Commercial Production Staff (Grip) – $11.44 Non-Profit and $15.60 per hour Commercial
Crew Chief (Dept Head) – $12.83 per hour Non-Profit and $16.99 Commercial
Theatre Manager – $15.00 Non-Profit and $19.15 Commercial

14% will be added to these basic rates to meet statutory surcharges including vacation, CPP, EI and WSIB

(b) ADSB Community Non-Profit and Commercial

(i) To Community Non-Profit Care Staff – $11.30 per hour (HST is included)
(ii) To Commercial Care Staff – approximately $23.70 to $28.07 per hour (HST is included) – subject to change depending on current negotiated hourly rates

B. Box Office Charges

1. To the Ticket Purchaser – $3.00 per ticket purchased in person at Box Office or by telephone – $2.00 additional where purchased online (paid directly to online service provider)

2. To the Presenting Person or Organization – 3.5% of price of tickets purchased by credit card charge (no charge for debit)

(a) Tickets for all performances at the Theatre Centre must be printed by the Box Office but at no additional charge to the presenting person or organization.
(b) The presenting person or organization will be charged $3.00 for each complimentary ticket issued.
(c) Refunds are not permitted except in special circumstances as provided in the Policy Manual that appears on our Website and should be discussed with the Box Office Manager.
(d) Rehearsals do not include the use of the auditorium which shall remain dark and closed to the public. Where the public is admitted to the auditorium the Main Stage Rates stated above shall be applicable.