Marguerite GriffthI remember meeting Marguerite for the first time back in 1967. I was a young a young twenty-four year old first time teacher, a long way from home. Marguerite and I were both in that season’s production of the Musical Comedy Guild’s The Gondoliers. Marguerite looked over me. I know that now. I did not know it then. That was one of Marguerite’s qualities.

Marguerite was a role model that has stayed with me since then.

I remember her bright smile, her dedication to the art, and her joy. I remember her voice; strong, clear, soft, pure, and powerful. Marguerite’s soul was in her voice. We are so much richer for having experienced Marguerite’s voice and the soul that sung through it.

Thank you, Marguerite. You will be missed. But not forgotten.

Bob Cooper